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Bientôt disponible : Formule BMW FB02

Messagede [TBF] EESA » 20 Déc 2007, 18:32

Changes in TEST PATCH X37 :

AI :

AI drive more slowly to deal with damaged car
Improved decisions to make pit stop for damage repair
Improved AI speed and fuel estimates on rallycross tracks
Mid race join AI consider lead car laps for must pit rule
Improved pit stop box decisions to reduce pit lane mayhem
FIX : AI driving too fast into Oval / Westhill pit lanes
FIX : AI crashed entering Blackwood rallycross pit lane
FIX : AI could keep driving in pit stop state if knocked

Language :

Latvian translation completed and included
FIX : Codepage of rename and delete buttons in save dialog

Fern Bay :

Tyre stacks added to stop cutting Rallycross Green Turn 1

South City :

Graphical updates and fixes
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V12 Biturbo
V12 Biturbo
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Messagede ®NarKo » 20 Déc 2007, 20:01

Changes in TEST PATCH X38 :


InSim bind error on restart after auto update
Host reverted to 5 laps regardless of initialisation
AI could not park after race at Westhill or AS Cadet

Changes in X39 :

Included Lithuanian translation
FIX : Buffer overflow issue in SPR and MPR files
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2L 16 Soupapes
2L 16 Soupapes
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Messagede ®NarKo » 21 Déc 2007, 18:17

PATCH Y is OUT !!!

LFS S2 Alpha, version Y Merry Christmas!

We are pleased to announce... Patch Y!

The patch contains many updates including :

- New car - Formula BMW FB02
- Updated South City track
- Updated Blackwood track
- Improved AI drivers
- Improved Physics
- Interface updates
- New training lessons

To read all about the new patch, go to the Patch Y information page

Enjoy the updates!
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2L 16 Soupapes
2L 16 Soupapes
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Messagede bzhrallye » 21 Déc 2007, 18:27

Voila une bonnes nouvelles :D :D
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1.5L Diesel
1.5L Diesel
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Messagede [FSR]shrek » 21 Déc 2007, 18:55

oui meme une très bonne :D
eu...que dire ? ah ! j'ai trouvé : vive lfs !
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2L 16 Soupapes
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